Bhojpuri film 'Conflict' announcement, 'Employers of Bihar will give such employment!'

Published 4 months ago

Ratnakar Kumar, owner of 'World Wide Records', a music company that produces hits like 'Sanghar', a producer of Bhojpuri films and music for many films, will now mobilize people by joining youth for the development of villages of Bihar. It will start from Muzaffarpur district. Ratnakar, who travels to film corridors from small village like Ramnagar in Muzaffarpur district to Mumbai, says that he had spent his childhood in the village of Muzaffarpur.

In 1990, he turned to Mumbai and after quite a struggle there was a floor. Bhojpuri film 'Sangharsh' producer Ratnakar says that his upcoming films include 'Veer', 'Nirhua Chal London', 'Sare Hindustan', and many movies. Ratnakar, who distinguished himself in Bhojpuri films, says, "I have spent 28 years in Mumbai but my mind never felt in Mumbai. I wish that my identity was made from the villages of Bihar. "

He said that there are many problems in Bihar today. Even today the condition of schools is the same when we used to read The condition of the gardener's condition remains the same. Young people still have to flee to other cities for employment. He said that from Mumbai businessmen he has talked for opening a school in Muzaffarpur. They have inspired them to open schools in Bihar.

According to Ratnakar, "the government comes and goes. The problem of the people and the village remains the same. If the young generation of the new generation is found to have the right guidance, they have to face a lot of hardships to stand on their feet. Helpless, helplessly they have to deal with unemployment. When proper education is not available, how can one get employment? "

After visiting several villages, including Gaighat, Aurai, Bochhans, Sakra and Kudhani, they told the media that no improvement has been made in these areas till date. It is very important to bring 'new education system' in these villages. They say that if the government does not consider the problems of Muzaffarpur and the villages around it, then we will mobilize people with the youth. He said that we would urge people from outside institutions to come and invest in Bihar.